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Our aim is to produce qualified, well-rounded individuals with the exact skills local employers are looking for, making you an extremely attractive prospect for future employment and providing you with the necessary skills to develop and advance your career.


Obtain World Class Qualifications

Saudi Arabia has created a network of vocational colleges that address employer needs while enabling trainees to obtain world class qualifications. In 2010, Ofsted rated NESCOT as outstanding for leadership, management, capacity to improve, care & support for trainees, tutorials, enrichment, safeguarding and financial management.


At Nescot we want to help you succeed in your ambitions. Our trainees value our welcoming, friendly, and caring atmosphere and our lively learning community will help you make the most of your time with us. We pride ourselves in being able to offer courses which meet the educational needs of our trainees, and in giving you the freedom to develop as an individual.


Experience the Best Training Offered Anywhere in the World, Tailored for Saudi Citizens

We understand that world-class education requires world-class teaching. At NESCOT, trainees benefit from experienced trainers from around the world, combined with talented Saudi Arabian staff. The majority of our management team and many of our trainers are drawn from NESCOT College in the UK.


This high calibre training and support team focuses on bringing out the best in each individual, encouraging you to become expert, independent learners and imparting the skills that are so essential to the future of the Kingdom.


Turn Your Passion into a Career

There are many paths to a successful career. Learn about the many opportunities you are qualified to take advantage of as a Saudi citizen, enabling you to build pursue your goals and dreams.


Join a Global Professional Community

For the first time, Saudi Arabia will offer quality training comparable to Germany, Japan or the United States through renowned global training providers. When you enrol at NESCOT in the Kingdom, you will become an NESCOT College trainee and benefit from all of our international experience and expertise. The qualifications you receive are internationally recognised by employers giving you a globally recognized signal of your achievement.


Help Build a Stronger Nation

By joining the pool of qualified workers available to the local economy, you are enabling Saudi Arabia to achieve its goal of strengthening and diversifying its economy.


Seize the Day

You have been granted the right as a Saudi citizen to attend a world-class, government-accredited vocational college that is fully subsidized by the government. To encourage you to take the next step, you are eligible to earn a SAR 990 monthly stipend for helping build a better future for yourself and your community.