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Is the certificate accredited by the Civil Service and the Ministry of Higher Education?

Civil Service accredits holders of our certificate, for the purpose of employment in the governmental system, the Ministry of Higher Education is not the responsible party to accredit the certificate of the technical and vocational training, and the responsible party is the general institute of Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC), which accredits our certificates.


Is the college private, or governmental?

All colleges are governmental and is considered to be a Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) college.

Are the applicants who exceeded 3 years from graduation date eligible to enroll in the college?

The enrollment conditions state that the applicant should not exceed 3 years from graduation.

Do you provide the trainees with accommodation?

Currently accommodation are not available.

Is the training staff foreigners or Arabs?

The training staff consists of both Arab and foreign instructors.

How much are the training fees?

College tuition is free since the colleges are governmental.


Is there any monthly stipend?

Yes, all trainees receive 1000 Saudi Riyals each month.

Is it a diploma or a bachelor’s degree?

All graduates will receive a diploma degree.

Do we study in Arabic or in English?

All the courses are in English; trainees in the preparatory year are provided with English language skills, information technology and basic sciences and communication skills.


Can university graduates apply to the colleges?

Unfortunately due to the enrollment requirements, the applicant should not exceed 3 years from high school graduation.


Is it possible to leave the college at any time, or should I complete the three years period?

Yes, you can drop from the colleges without any problem. In case you desires to stop the program after completing the first year, the “Cambridge” Certificate of English language is granted, and after completing the first year of the specialization an “Applied Program” certificate is granted.


Is my GPA (Grade Point Average) required for the application?

Yes, the GPA is required when applying to our colleges.

Can I drop my application?

Yes you can. If you have submitted your documents then you will have to visit the college and retract them, but if you have only applied through the website then the application will be deleted automatically if there was no action taken by the trainee on the application.


Are jobs guaranteed?

The college is working on establishing strategic partnerships with major companies to help trainees get job opportunities after graduation, moreover vocational training in the college provides trainee with functional skills needed in in the labor market


Do we get the monthly payment on vacations?

Yes trainees receive monthly stipends during vacation periods; whether it is between semesters, Eid vacation etc.


Can I postpone a semester?

No, except for individual cases after checking with the Admission and Registration division at the college.