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Providers and colleges within the International College’s network currently apply their own policy and practices regarding the conduct of trainees and behavior requirements. Document clarifies herewith the minimum expectations and an outline common approach for all colleges. Providers and colleges are asked to review their current policy and guidelines to ensure they are consistent.



In accordance with the contract between College’s Management and providers, Management strives to promote excellence in the colleges, in accordance with national values and beliefs in Saudi Arabia.

Academic excellence at the colleges relates, of course, to excellence in conveying Knowledge and Skills at high levels, but it is also part of the educational mandate of an International College to form Attitudes conducive to the needs of employers and compatible with the demands of the labour market (in summary: ”KSA” = knowledge, skills AND attitudes) Issue 11 – 15th December 2014

Among those attitudes, we may count punctuality, reliability, thoroughness and seriousness in carrying out a task, but also honesty, intellectual integrity and curiosity. Even external factors like proper dress, courteous language and self-confidence yet respectful dialogue are among elements that define a graduate of an international College as a valuable professional.

Formation or change of attitude is among the most time-consuming and one of the slowest moving changes in any educational effort. Success depends significantly upon practice, repetition – and living example. The school environment found at an International College is an ideal and safe practicing and testing ground for such an educational endeavour. International Colleges has therefore developed the attached Code of Conduct, which is intended to instill a uniform framework for College’s in establishing common minimum standards of conduct. It is the hope of International Colleges that graduates, while being trained by different providers are immediately recognizable not only for their high levels of knowledge and skills but also for the professionalism of their attitude and conduct.

For such a code to work it must be enforceable. The “Code of Conduct”, therefore includes the proposal for a disciplinary committee as an operational feature of the code.

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